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Inspired by Love don’t be Shy

Inspired by Love don’t be Shy

Inspired by Love don’t be Shy

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Inspired by Love don’t be Shy

Comes in 1ml sample size, 3ml, 12ml 25ml and 100ml oil or 12ml and 50ml spray bottle, both styles come with luxury velvet gift pouch.


A scent that tells the story of the first blushes of young romance. This parfum displays a sweet innocence atypical of the subversive perfumer. Heady florals like neroli and orange blossom bring the butterflies, while soft marshmallow adds a gourmand twist to the bouquet, resulting in an indulgent fragrance that will have the object of your affections falling head over heels.

  • Base notes: Marshmallow

  • Middle notes: Orange blossom

  • Top notes: Neroli

Our luxury packaging is elegant and makes an excellent gift for women and men.


How to use: Apply small amounts of the Parfum on the desired area. Maximize the long-lasting effect by spraying the pleasant scent on your body's pulse points such as your wrists, neck, and inner elbows. Apply from about 12-18 cm (5-7 inches) for sprays for the best results.


Storage: Please store the parfum in a cool, dark place. Avoid leaving the product in direct sunlight or moist environments to make it last.



Before the first use, apply to small area of your body to test for allergic reactions. Should you experience a reaction, stop using the product immediately and remove the scent by washing the area thoroughly with warm water and mild soap.

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